Designed with the 5:2 Fast Diet in mind but TrackMyFast can be used to track progress on other fasting day plans such as the Johnson Up Day Down Day (JUDDD) and Day On Day Off diet (DODO).

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Vital success factors for any diet: planning and keeping a food diary. Plan ahead for special events. Check the Calendar to swap special days from Fast to Non-fast and vice-versa. Record your Fast Day food choices in the Food Diary and you are more likely to eat well and stick to your calorie allocations.

Android app on Google Play

At TrackMyFast we enjoy hearing from our users how they are getting on with the app, and wherever possible, we love to add enhancements to the app as suggested by you! Say hello at

Android app on Google Play

App Features: Let's track your progress and stay motivated!

Status Pages View progress at a glance

Status Page One displays allocated calories for each Fast Day and calculates remaining calories using Food Diary entries. It also shows: current weight, weight lost so far, weight you have to lose, and desired target weight. Status Page Two displays latest recorded values for additional measurements such as BMI, Wellbeing, Hunger, Body Fat, HDL, LDL and Triglyceride.

Calendar Informative. Flexible.

The Calendar provides a month-view, making it easy to see your Fast Day pattern dates. Plan for flexibility when special occasions arise - use the calendar pop-up menu to swap Fast and Non-Fast days when needed. If you have a bad day and go over your Fast day calorie allocation (but still eat less than on a typical Non-Fast day), you can even mark it as an Intermediate day.

Chart You can see your progress!

The Chart tool gives you meaningful feedback at-a-glance. Your weight is charted as default but simply hold a finger on the screen to get a pop-up menu enabling you to choose and chart other measurements such as BMI, Body Fat, Triglyceride and more. A quick and easy way to view your progress over time and keep motivated!

Measurements Track weight and lots more

Tracking progress is not just about tracking weight loss alone. Use Measurements to keep a record of other important health indicators such as: Waist, Neßck, Wellbeing, Hunger, BMI, Body Fat, HDL, LDL and Triglyceride.

Food Diary Record eating habits

Keeping a Food Diary on Fast Days can maximise your chance of success. Just the process of recording your food choices on Fast Days can encourage you to eat better on these days and stick to your allocated calorie limit.

Free updates Forever!

After purchasing and downloading TrackMyFast 5:2 Diet, you will receive all future updates for this app, free and forever!